Spring has Sprung! It is a time for new growth and rebirth.

I took over as the CJA president as of March 2013, which for me culminates a long and rewarding journey with the CJA. There has been so much change in this industry in the last few years, and I am honored to have weathered the storm with you all.

As I take over as President, I want to thank the entire Board of Directors – past and present – and the immediate past President, James Orloff. He has contributed immensely to the growth of the CJA, both in membership and membership benefits. Additionally I would like to bid a fond farewell to Rossana Aguilar. We will miss her and all of her enthusiasm and dedication.

I want to build on all of James Orloff’s hard work getting theCaratDiet.com established, and we want to encourage all of our members and staff to like us on facebook and to sign up on the Carat Diet Store Locator which will improve your visibility on web searches.

The economy in California seems to be on the upturn again, and we are starting to see old clients trickle back in that we may not have seen for a while. We all need to be ready to show BIG items because our clients want to be shown something spectacular now that they feel confident enough to buy bigger ticket items again.

I look forward to serving as President in the coming year, and I wish you all a successful spring season.


David Hayman


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